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Who doesn't know that, the bus jerks, doesn't start well anymore, doesn't run smoothly and and and. Not often this is due to old cables. Often the cables still look good, but are corroded or even broken inside. These problems can often only be remedied with a great deal of effort.

Especially in the engine compartment, the cables of our friends, who are getting older now, are exposed to high stress. Temperatures go up to 100°C (certain areas of the cable get even hotter), then everything cools down again, gets spattered with oil and dirt and at some point the cable colors become difficult to see. And as if that's not all, they are also exposed to the vibrations of the engine.

So it makes sense to fix this problem. Among other things, I offer an engine wiring harness for 2.1l Wasserboxer engines in the T3 with G-Kat (both Syncro and 2WD). This consists of completely new cables in the original cable colors, new protective hoses, new pins and, if possible, original connector housings, as these are often in good condition and are no longer available in the corresponding colors. Of course, all used parts are checked.


Other engines and wiring harnesses of our buses are also possible to offer.

In addition, the cable lengths have been partially adjusted to enable easier installation. The wiring harness is still based on the latest model year, but can be used for all model years. Instructions on which plug goes where are included.

Since it is sometimes difficult or impossible to get the right plugs again, it is important that I get your old wiring harness. That's why I charge a deposit of 100 CHF for old parts. That also makes the exchange of the wiring harness easier because the old wiring is visible.

If I have aroused your interest or you have further questions, please contact me via the contact form.

Price: 650 CHF

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