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For many, an unknown or no longer existing part on the T3 WBX Syncro. After 30 years, most of the engine panels are only hanging in tatters on the screws. The idea: physical protection for the engine from stones thrown up by the rear wheels. Mainly because the injection nozzles and distributor rails are located in exposed areas. You don't want to have a stone on it while driving is running. In addition, a noise protection mat was installed insid the metal sheets. At least this part is almost everywhere missing even though the sheets are still there. In Switzerland, these sheets are still mandatory, mainly for reasons of noise. Of course, the sheets are no longer available from VW.

I offer you a replica of the original engine cover for the 1.9l and 2.1l WBX Syncro. The sheets are made of 1 mm V4A stainless steel - salt-resistant, so that year-round drivers can enjoy it for a long time as well ;-) On the inside it is equipped with a noise protection mat consisting of closed-cell foam, as used in modern vehicles in the engine compartment. On request, I can also deliver the sheet metal without a mat. The sheets come in silver/nature.


If you are interested, please send me an inquiry using the contact form. I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Price: 420 CHF

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