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Who doesn't know it. After more than 30 years, the CV boots sometimes break, the grease makes a real mess and shortly afterwards the CV joint starts making unpleasant noises. Or even better: you have already installed a new CV boot and after a short while it's broken again. It's not really a nice job to change the boots.

​There is a solution for this: silicone boots. These are highly flexible, can be replaced if necessary without dismantling the CV joint and are very durable. I've driven mine for over 40,000 km under often harsh conditions and I've never broke one.

I offer a conversion of the original boots - both, rear and front axle (Syncro) - to silicone boots. The original boot flange is modified so that the new silicone boot cannot slip off. The silicone sleeve is then installed. A new ear clamp for the drive shaft side is included.

All I need for the conversion is the CV boot flange; the boot itself can be cut off and disposed. The flange should be cleaned, otherwise a cleaning fee of 10 CHF will be charged. If a flange no longer makes sense for a conversion (too rusty or dented) I would use a new flange (15 CHF). For an entire set (4) I offer a 10% discount.

​If you are interested, please send me an inquiry using the contact form. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Price: 55 CHF

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