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After I asked myself the question what else to do with a Syncro besides permanently repairing I found the answer. Travelling. But where to go? Far, it had to be far. Not only four weeks holiday, which the system leaves you out of the whole year. And where? Europe seemed to be boring (of course I know it’s not), Africa is politically difficult to access and for America the Syncro had to be shipped somewhere, which is expensive (and I already throw it into Günther). So the solution was obvious – to the east.

No sooner said than done, the Syncro was further improved and optimised to handle such a high exposure. In the end we drove 21.000 km and around 1.000 km offroad. Surprisingly, we did not have bigger issues than a demolished coupling rod from the stabiliser in the front axle and broken big end bearings Günther brought us safely to the furthest parts of Kyrgyzstan.

Back home the old game continued – repairing, further optimisation and so on. As you know a Syncro is never finished. But we saw that the interior construction fitted our needs pretty well and was never tested before properly.

Bus as always – there is room for improvement and things to do – always.

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