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In my former Syncro I put a fixed bed in. That’s more efficient to have more storage space and the life happens mostly outside of the van. But since we’re not two persons anymore we need more beds and seats, which pushed us towards another option. We decided for a folding bench. And it is pretty nice though. When we bought the new Syncro, the previous owner mounted shaky and old Reimo Jolly furniture including a folding bench but this was even more shaky than the cupboards. Thus, I needed to find a better solution.

My folding bench hinges include the hinge as well as the foot, which means that it is not screwed to a piece of wood. It is mounted directly to the holes of the seatbelts in the C-pillar, with one bolt to the engine slant and a couple of screws to the ground. It is really easy and compact to unfold and levelled with the engine box in the T3/T25. The seat position/angle is adjustable via bolts on the sides. As a special it is possible to use the bench as a Lounge looking to the back of the van. Therefore, the seat is folded further up and used as backrest. Small steel brackets lock it in this position.

If you would love to have a little bit more space you can take the same hinges and put some wood under the feet or take it directly in +9/+12 cm. The hinges are meant to be used for a bench of the full car width (to use the seatbelt points) but many people want the bench smaller, which is absolutely no problem. Depending on the position of the hinges a small piece has to be cut out due to the shape of the engine slant sheet. The one side then has to be mounted on the cupboard and not on the bolt for the seatbelt.

The hinges are made of 2-4 mm steel, zinc coated and powder coated twice and extremely durable. The come with an instruction PDF how to build the bench. They are available in normal height or +9/+12 cm height.

If this sounds interesting for you feel free to send me a message via the contact form. Normally, I respond within one day so please also check your Spam folder…it happened already several times.

Price normal height/overheight: 250 CHF / 280 CHF

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