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When I was a kid I was fully blended by the T3/T25 of the VW transporter series even though I had no idea about the different models – maximum colours – and this was also absolutely incidental. Many years later I made my dream becoming reality with my own T3 – of course a Syncro. I owe few things only just because I can and everything has to be necessary, useful and practical. The Syncro I just wanted because it was cool. So I bought Günther, a Syncro with a SR engine (2.1l waterboxer engine), rear differential lock and two sliding doors.


Unfortunately, I had to put hands on several technical parts but on the other hand he really had few rust. So I started to gain knowledge about T3/T25 and especially the Syncro with permanently new problems appearing. A really good friend was the base of all that and without him and his know how I would probably never have started getting into the Syncro virus. He has a solution in most cases.

Little by little I developed and extended the interior how I liked it and planned my first short trips. The condition of Günther was permanently improved by parts in highest quality. I rebuilt the gearbox and added a decoupler. Slowly but surely Günther became a considerable Syncro.

But what is a Syncro good for besides protecting it from salt in winter?

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