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Accessoiries for your T3 T25 and Vanagon



Tere was this dream of having an own Syncro. In 2015 I fulfilled me this dream with an orange T3 Syncro panel van, which I transformed step by step to a camper van. On this way there were many more or less expected obstacles, which did not make me stop but improved my enthusiasm more and more.


After a while it was obvious that a Syncro is not made for paved roads and see always the same traffic signs. The idea of travelling developed. Travellign far. Over land to Kyrgyzstan.


With the transformation and often recurring repairs of different parts on the van a couple of ideas how to solve these problems came to my mind. Of course there are many spare parts on the market but the quality is often not as desired. This triggered, partly by chance, solutions that I don't want to keep secret from other T3-enthusiats.



It's the small things in life that matter...

HD Roof Rack for VW T25 T3 Syncro
15" steel wheel VW T3
Folding Bench Hinges HD for VW T25 T3
Swivel Seat for VW T25 T3
PU bushings VW T3
Awning Brackets for VW T3 T25
Lightbar Brackets VW T25 T3
Air Flow Meter AFM VW T3 T25
Wiring harness WBX
Silicone CV boot
Engine protection sheets Set for T3 Syncro WBX
Key ring Syncro


And there was a time when I was also spelled by the T3 – especially the Syncro. Since a few years now I’m working on my own Syncro. In the meantime the second with a 2.1l waterboxer engine where I try to learn even more about it optimise it wherever possible. Of course, such an old car is not perfect and not every thought in the design and technique is thought to the end. And back in the 1980s Volkswagen was Volkswagen and not meant to built upper class cars. Thus, especially for developing the T3/T25 Syncro, the costs played an important role.  From time to time I found options for optimisation and also solutions. Some of the you can find here…



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Franz Goerlich

Duebendorfstrasse 11c

CH-8117 Faellanden

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