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The question of the right choice of wheels arises again and again. Of course, the tire plays an important role, but the wheel as well. In the meantime it is difficult to find a good wheel for the T3 Syncro. If possible, it should be made of steel so that it can be "straightened" somewhere along the way if necessary (Syncro drivers with Mercedes steel wheels know what I'm talking about). It should not be too big to mount a high-sided tire on it, which offers more offroad possibilities. And last but not least, it shouldn't be too heavy, of course.


I now offer just such a wheel. A 15 "steel wheel with enough load for heavy buses and hard terrain. It comes in black e-coating and silver powder coating. The screw collars are R12, just like the Mefro wheels. The price includes a corresponding wheel certificate (per set).


The technical data of the wheels:

- Dimension: 6Jx15

- Offset: 30

- bolt circle: 5x112

- Center hole: 66.5

- Load: 1000kg

- Syncro mounting material: 20 wheel nuts M14x1.5 ball R12

- 2WD mounting material: 10 wheel nuts and 10 wheel bolts M14x1.5 ball R12


If necessary, the rear wheel studs of the 2WD have to be exchanged for longer ones, but this is not a big deal.


Mounting material is not included in the price but can be purchased on request. It is also possible to order tires for the wheels and have them mounted. The prices for this vary depending on the tire.


The wheels can be mounted without adjustments (only the two screws of the rear brake drums have to be removed, similar to other third-party rims).


The wheels can be shipped without any problems. The shipping costs are CHF 15 (Switzerland) or CHF 10 (Germany) per wheel. Shipping to other countries is also no problem (shipping costs on request).


Price per wheel (including appraisal): 120 CHF

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