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The quality of many spare parts for older vehicles becomes lower and lower to be desired. This also applies to the suspension bushings. These are original rubber-to-metal bushings, lasted forever, probably longer than many buses. But at some point you have to exchange them and due to various circumstances you hardly get good quality anymore. The change is usually tedious and time-consuming and usually entails wheel alignment.

Therefore, I now offer bushings made from PU (polyurethane). It's not like it's completely new, the bushings offered here have a hardness of 75 Shore, which is the same as the original. Other PU bushings are usually made stiffer to offer better road performance. In my opinion, however, a Syncro should of course also be moved in an appropriate manner off-road, and that is exactly where too stiff bushings are unsuitable. The bushings are of course als well suited for 2WDs and keep almost the original driving properties.
All bushings are relatively easy to mount as they separated in two parts (where useful).

The bushings are available in black as standard, but can also be made in other colors on request at an additional cost.

If you are interested, just send me an inquiry via the contact form. This should include:

- Which bushings are required?
- Diameter stabiliser
- 2WD: motorisation/gearbox (gearbox bushing is different, depending on engine/gearbox)

- Syncro: Number of gearbox bushings (I always recommend replacing all 5)

I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include a telephone or Whatsapp number and regularly check the spam folder of your e-mail inbox for a reply from me!



  • Front upper trailing arm (4 pieces): 220 CHF

  • Front lower trailing arm(2 pieces): 47 CHF

  • Sway bar to body (2 pieces): 37 CHF

  • End link to sway bar (2 pieces): 32 CHF

  • End link to trailing arm (2 pieces): 35 CHF

  • Radius rod (2 pieces): 130 CHF

  • Steering rack (4 pieces): 43 CHF

  • Shock absorber (2 pieces): 20 CHF

  • Rear trailing arm (4 pieces): 122 CHF

  • Transmission 2WD diesel / petrol up to 2.0l (1 piece): 60 / 41 CHF

  • Transmission Syncro (1 piece): 35 CHF

There is a price reduction of 10% on the entire set

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