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For the Kyrgyzstan trip I made – and constructing would really be the wrong verb - a roof rack from the Thule 1050 brackets as a base and corresponding crossbeams as a base. The rest was made from aluminium T-profiles which I found in the trash of a neighbouring company. Everything was bolted properly and with many bolts and quite solid in the end but didn’t look nice. On the roof rack we carried two 80W solar panels, two Därr sandboards, two 20l petrol cans, a spare wheel, a Zarges aluminium box with several spare parts and of course an awning on the side. 

Back home I saw roof rack brackets that looked solid and just a few mm higher than the roof of the Syncro. Due to the fact that I’ve never been happy with the old solution, I constructed – this time I can concisely use this verb – a new roof rack with these brackets. Finally, I was so convinced that I didn’t want to hide from other enthusiasts which still live with temporary solutions. This was the moment when SyncroSweets started.

Beneath the roof rack concept that is almost 100% variable and adjustable to any kind of solution a couple of other things came by that are really well developed and well thought out to make the life with and in the bus easier…

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