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The air flow meter (AFM) of the VW T3/T25 2.1l WBX measures the amount of air intake and transforms it to a certain voltage, which is transmitted to the ECU. Using this information, the ECU balances the amount of petrol that is injected to the engine.

Most of the vans have already more than 200.000 km on the clock. The original AFM clamp transforms the voltage via a conducting path and is sliding permanently on it. This, of course, results in wear and tear. Thus, we are mostly driving in a similar speed range, the conducting path is not evenly worn out and some parts are completely damaged. This results in a wrong voltage transferred to the ECU and a wrong amount of petrol provided to runt he engine (usually the amount to run the engine in idle mode). Following it feels like the engine is not working properly and has no power but does not shut down. Even when replacing the AFM by a new or less used one this problem appears again at some point.

Furthermore, the original mechanical AFM has an impedance problem. To overcome this issue, VW implemented an electronical element in younger versions of AFMs.

We convert the old mechanical AFM to a new and recent contactless solution. The conversion solves both problems:

  1. A wear and tear of a conducting path cannot appear anymore

  2. The impedance problem cannot appear anymore because we use a contactless hall sensor.


We offer the following:

  • Opening the AFM (black plastic cap)

  • Cutting the contact clamp

  • Disassembling the circuit board and the sensor clamp

  • Assembling the contactless system

  • Programming of the hall sensor chip directly (inside the AFM)

  • Securing the electronics and screws

  • Closing and sealing the AFM

  • Return shipment


If you want you get all disassembled old parts together with the restored AFM. We guarantee for the functionality of the restoration for at least 5 years (we guess it lasts much longer). If there is any trouble with the hall sensor, we’ll replace it for free (shipping has to be paid).

If the description seems satisfying to you please contact us via the contact form. We’ll answer within one working day usually.

The average processing time incl. shipping is around 2-3 weeks. But there is also the option to handle it as “express” within less than a week via a refundable core charge for your worn out AFM (details via email).

Please always send us the AFM only, without any part of the air filter box.

To avoid unnecessary shipping costs, I have an address in Germany as well.

Price: 350 CHF

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